Ray and Phyllis Noble

Ray Noble began his art interest in his mid 60’s when his wife pushed him into stained glass creations. Over the next few years, his interest in glass art expanded as did his knowledge and experience. His medical background greatly influenced his creations of organic structures and images. He seeks to meld color with texture and depth through kiln-formed (fused) glass art that has function. “Glass art production is fun and my life at this point is about having fun.”

Phyllis Noble began her artistic creations with clothing and window treatments. Seeking more, she became enamored with glass art after learning the techniques of stained glass. Her most satisfying projects were inserts in doors. These objects are large, colorful and imaginative. Over time, she expanded her glass art interest to include fused glass pieces that are complex in design and evoke images of textiles. “Glass art has endless possibilities of design. I love it.”

Phyllis and Ray almost always collaborate on design, color selection , and finishing techniques. Their close marital relationship positively gives each the freedom to dream and create.

Contact Information
E-mail: ranoble@comcast.net