Nia Olabesi

Nia Olabesi is a native Washingtonian now residing in Southern Maryland. Nia is an accomplished jazz stylist, recording artist, song-writer, musician and producer known for her exotic style, high energy and original interpretations of memorable selected arrangements of classic jazz standards. Nia has toured extensively throughout the U.S. for over a decade performing in various jazz venues, nite clubs, and music festivals along with her band The Nia Olabesi Trio.

I grew up in a family of artists, singers, dancers and designers. I can’t imagine my life without the arts. As a painter working in acrylics/mixed media I find that I experience and express my art much like my dance and songs. Sometimes it’s a samba, sometimes a ballad, other times African dance. Brush strokes and palette become movement and rhythm, creating a musical composition that leaves me feeling liberated and alive. Working with acrylics bold colors, mediums and viscosities is quite interesting. The textures that can be achieved from the use of gels, pastes and other mediums are fascinating and the layering techniques are endless. I enjoy layering with mixed media and collage as it brings depth and interest to my art, entertaining the imaginations of the viewer to experience their own interpretations. My other mediums of choice are photography and pottery.

Nia is a member of CalvART Gallery, in Prince Frederick Maryland where her paintings are on display.

Nia can be reached at or via phone at 215.298.1692