Mimi Little

I have painted all my life but the passion to produce paintings that relate to my life, where I live, what I am doing and what is socially important to me began in the mid 1990’s.

Working in acrylics and collage I have produced series of paintings that have been influenced by every aspect of my life. Paintings of Cuba, the landscape and it’s people, were inspired by a trip to Cuba. We met with Cuban artists and explored the art and culture of the country. A project to help restore a tobacco barn in Southern Maryland introduced me to the abstract shapes that light seen from the inside of the barn produced. My latest work is influenced by the clear light and color of southwest Florida. I approach each new series without expectation or formula. This allows me to move around the idea, to change the mood and sometimes even subject matter of the painting as I progress into the series.

I work on several paintings at a time in order to keep the ideas and colors of the painting sharp and clear. Vivid colors and vigorous brush stokes are quickly applied to canvas and paper. Collage, texture and text accentuate a feeling or an idea. My paintings are abstract in nature – landscapes and figures. Artists who have influenced my work include Winslow Homer, Richard Diebenkorn and J.M.W. Turner.

My paintings are very personal. My experiences, my commitments, and my feelings are found in every painting.

Visit Mimi’s website at www.MimiLittle.com

Mimi can be reached at: mimilittle3@yahoo.com