Mickey Kunkle

This is where I am supposed to talk about all the things in nature and the universe that inspire me. I wish I could, but I’ve never figured out where my ideas come from. They just float through the air and some of them land in my head where they germinate for a while and then burst out into the world.

I started out as a fiber artist but switched to making glass beads after a class in making your own beads and buttons. Seduced by the Zen experience of the flame, I quit making coats and wall hangings and began to make more and more jewelry. But I didn’t want to give up my fiber techniques so soon I began incorporating knitting, crocheting and using a threaded needle in all the ways I could figure out, learn and then make into jewelry.

I like bright colors and I like geometric shapes, and this directs many of my designs. Many of my pieces are bold but I try always to keep it wearable and not heavy. I personally like to wear many bracelets and funky earrings so I tend to make many styles.

I’m never bored and I look forward to each day in my studio among my five torches, three kilns and enough beads to open a store. Life is one long opportunity to ornament my small corner of the world. After all, I’m just one of a long line of humans who decided to wear an ornament when the first human drilled a hole in a sea shell and strung it on a piece of leather.

I’m a member the Potomac Craftsmen Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA; CalvART Gallery in Prince Frederick, MD; and North End Gallery in Leonardtown, MD.