Lonnie Harkins

Lonnie Harkins, a 20 year retired Navy veteran, is a self taught photographer who began his photographic journey in 1978 shortly after joining the U.S. Navy, primarily to document his travels around the World. As the digital revolution of photography began it became increasing difficult and expensive to find the 25asa and 64asa slide film he preferred to shoot. Faced with the choice of film or food for the family, Lonnie gave up photography. After a long hiatus to raise a family he acquired a digital SLR camera and has begun pursuing his passion with renewed interest. Lonnie prefers to photograph the Natural World as well as abstracts and macro photography but is not adverse to using the power of the computer to turn his photos into something wildly different.

Lonnie’s Photography can be seen at CalvArt Gallery and the Art Center in the Furniture Gallery of Prince Frederick.

Contact info:
Lonnie Harkins
Phone: 410-326-7199
Website: www.upinthecellar.us
Facebook: facebook.com/Upinthecellarphotography