Jimmy Cintron

I appreciate very much the opportunity that you and the rest of the members of CalvArt Gallery extended to me to be part of your artists community. As an artist I am looking forward to grow with all the knowledge that I am sure everyone will be offering me as a new member. I am very grateful to Mickey Kunkle for the exposure she gave me to the joy of working with wire, I never imagined that it could be such a thrilling and therapeutic media to work with. Working with wire gives me the opportunity to express my creativity in such a flexible way. The fact that wire jewelry is a hand made type of art helps me attained the “rustic” look I so much like from most of my jewelry pieces. I have been working with wire jewelry for about two years-and-some now, and it has been a growing and exiting adventure, and it has opened my eyes to everything that surrounds me in a very different and unique way. Now I see everything around me as shapes, forms, textures, sizes, types of materials, and movement. Currently I am teaching classes of Viking Knit and other types of wire works at the “All About Beads” shop at the Wildewood Shopping Center. I have enjoyed it very much, and it has given me the opportunity to see my art from many different points of view through the eyes of my clients.