Barbara Boward

I’m a photographer and mixed media artist living in Calvert County, Maryland. I grew up in western Maryland in a small town called Halfway (between Hagerstown and Williamsport). I come from a family where making things was a part of life, and have always liked to make things with my hands. I spent many hours creating collages, painting, knitting, embroidering, and sewing my own clothes. My brother, sister, and I were not afraid to try new crafts; one winter we commandeered our kitchen and produced a massive amount of handmade candles of every variety, until Mom realized we were heating wax on the stove in her double boiler and put an end to our project.

When I was 9 years old, my passion for photography was ignited when Mom taught me how to use her Brownie camera, with dire warnings not to take so many pictures! We both had a love of family history and spent hours pouring over her family photographs, sorting them and placing them into scrapbooks with captions. I was enchanted by her old albums filled with sepia and black and white pictures, ticket stubs, valentines and all sorts of ephemera from her youth. To this day, I love collecting old photos of all kinds – tintypes, studio cards, and snapshots from the 1940s with little perforated edges. I think this affinity for the old processes comes through in my work.

I love creating in my studio, whether it’s editing or printing my photographs, or creating artwork on canvas using hand painted, book spines, old photographs and maps, acrylics, pens and ink.

The landscape and history of America, and of Maryland in particular, inspires many of my current works. In some pieces I recognize a yearning for recording what is still visible and yet is passing away, such as the beautiful, yet decaying, abandoned places in rural America. Other artworks are prayers or questions for the Universe.

I love photography because it allows me to go down old farm lanes and alleys, to explore the unknown. It beckons me to lie on my back and look up. It insists that I really look at what’s in front of me, in that moment. It allows me to document the places, towns, and old homes that are quietly disappearing. And photography has the power to help me connect with…you!

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