Ray Bogle

Ray Bogle has been working with clay for over 25 years. His creations range from dramatic show-specific works to fun personal designs. His contributions to the craft have included teaching classes for children as well as adults, developing a variety of forms and glazes, and perfecting techniques in the ancient skill of Raku.

As a result of past experimentation and current practical work, Ray has formed a philosophy of the art that enables him to see the potential in the raw clay for development into a variety of simple forms that evoke the true essence of strength and beauty combined. His pieces are always unique and yet practical in their power to portray the evolution of an Eastern tradition into a Western design treasure.

In his studio – a renovated 60 year old horse barn – he has created pieces ranging from tiny bottles to large collar-rimmed vases and various sizes of ceramic boxes with puzzled lids. Raku firing, with its awesome flame and smoke filled reduction phase, is one of Ray’s favorite activities.

Ray is a member of the CalvART Gallery, in Prince Frederick, Maryland, where a number of his pieces are on display.

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