Abbey Griffin

Abbey Griffin comes from a family of artists but did not become a serious artist for 52 years. Her first passion is children (birth to 5 years) and their families. She has a doctorate from the University of Maryland in Early Childhood Development. Her growth as an artist draws inspiration from her years with young children: “My work with young children allowed me to experiment with a wide range of art media. Seeing through the child’s eyes I relearned the freedom of seeing, experimenting and discovering that makes children’s art so magical. We are born with a hunger for learning. My work with young children has fueled that passion in me and drives me in my work as an artist.”

Abbey approaches the blank canvas/paper with an abandon that can only be expressed as sheer joy. Many paintings begin with a theme, often based on plain air painting supplemented by photographs. Many are pure experimentation with different shape canvases, color, texture, paint and found materials.

Abbey’s paintings can be seen at the CalvART Gallery and the Chesapeake Gallery/House of Frames in Prince Frederick, MD. Her mixed media painting “Calvert Cliffs” was selected for display in the Calvert Memorial Hospital. She has also done commissioned work for interior decorators, individuals and businesses in the District of Columbia.

Contact Information
Tel.: 410-586-9356; wk. 202-338-6540