Suzanne Nawrot

I am a self-taught jewelry artist. I started creating jewelry in 2005 using beads of semi-precious stones, crystal and precious metals. Deciding on a color palette and bead shape/texture is very similar to a 2D artist deciding on what to paint and what colors and techniques to use. I create wearable art in various mediums such as: epoxy clay and Swarovski crystals; Kumihimo, an ancient form of Japanese braiding, with and without beads; and most recently, wire wrapping with precious metals.

I have always loved the beach. The interaction of the sand and the waves has a calming and recharging effect for me. I wanted to create those kinds of characteristics with my wire-wrapped jewelry.

Each glass piece has gone through a 3-step process to create the texture and round the edges, much as the ocean does over a much longer period of time. I also use semi-precious stones in my wrapping.

I have sold my work through public and private showings, both domestic and international, and I was an active member of ArtWorks at 7th in North Beach, MD before joining the CalvArt Gallery.